Ventilation has a huge bearing on the comfort, efficiency and environment for a building and its occupants.

Air circulation has many benefits:

  • for breathing, removing/diluting moisture,
  • removing/diluting smells,
  • removing/diluting VOCs (volitile organic compounds) which are basically the fumes from paints, varnishes, aerosols and glues.

A building therefore will always require a constant supply of air and this can be achieved in a number of ways.

The conventional method is a minimum of a 100mm opening in each main room in the property. Obviously the bathrooms and kitchen will have addional air removal  by means of a fan. In a standard 4 bedroom house, bathroom, one ensuite, sitting room, dining room and play room would require 9 no wall openings which depending on wind direction and outside air temperature  can result in a cold, uncontrolled ingress of air.

There are alternatives which will provide a much more regulated, efficient and comfortable method for ventilation.

However always be mindful of potential extra ventilation requirememts for fire places and/or stoves and for kitchen extraction.


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