Solar Thermal


Solar Thermal

Keltic Renewables will guide you through the benefits, realistic costs, specific energy expectation, payback and guidelines on installation requirements.

The potential power from the suns energy far out weighs the earth’s requirements. Solar energy comes from the sun’s irradiation (light and heat).

In Ireland the annual horizontal energy in the majority of midland and souther counties is between 900 to 1100 kwh/m2 and the border and northern counties is between 800 to 1000 kWh/m2.

By default we try and maximise this free source of energy by building orientation, solar architecture, planting.

We can further maximise the use of this energy with two main options: Solar thermal and solar photovoltaic.

The main factors to consider when assessing solar systems are:

  • Property location
  • Size of panels
  • Roof orientation and inclination
  • Available roof area
  • Annual solar radiation
  • Number of people in the home
  • Over shading
  • Hot water usage patterns (for solar thermal)


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