Why Renewables?

The so called “Green Agenda” has been mainly linked to environmental issues that have and may arise on our planet. However this is a multi-faceted topic and renewable heating systems have a huge part to play in helping us be more self-sufficient by using the most up to date technology with our planets natural energy resources.

The rise of renewables in the last few years has been mainly due to rising fuel prices. Because of this recent upsurge some people believe that some renewable products are therefore a recently invented technology. This is not correct as the principles behind renewables have been around in some cases for thousands of years. However renewable heating systems have become more efficient in the recent past due to advances in materials and controls.

This is why Keltic Renewables are proud to be associated with some of the renewable manufacturers that have helped make these advances and provide the cost effectiveness associated with having an efficient heating system such as : Daikin, Kingspan, Worcester/Bosch, Viadrus, Gilles, Nilan, Hewalex, and Greenline to name but a few.

The International Energy Agency has recently reported that technologies such as solar, heat pumps, biomass etc. have the potential to reduce our residential CO2 emissions by 25% before2050 and could save upwards of 700 million tonnes of oil.

As the over increasing oil and gas prices grab more and more media attention the appeal of renewables become more relevant due to the ever decreasing payback for installing these systems.

  • a typical solar installation can have a payback of 4.5 years
  • an air to water heat pump can have a payback in 4 years
  • a geothermal heat pump (ground source heat pump) can have a payback of 6 years

Of course when analysing payback data it has a few variables which can include: competing fuel(s), competing heating systems, government legislation etc.

Keltic Renewables will provide a cost benefit analysis of each system we submit to give the customer all the information they need to make an informed decision on their renewable heating system.