Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor heating has been used for over two thousand years as a way of providing a reliable and comfortable means of heating an area.

Technology and innovative materials have bought this method of heat circulation into the 21st century. With insulation now being a huge factor in all buildings designs and modern heating systems increasing in efficiency especially at low temperatures, underfloor heating is now recognised as an effective means of complimenting a buildings quality in a comfortable, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Underfloor Design

Our underfloor system is at the forefront of making a heating system comfortable and efficient. We design all our systems individually to cater for our client’s specific needs. This means that based on the layout of each individual floor, room requirements, insulation levels and floor coverings the corresponding underfloor installation will be fitted so as to capitalise on the heating systems efficiency.


Underfloor Materials


The quality of the piping, manifolds and fixings is paramount to guaranteeing the longevity of our system. The underfloor piping is a multi-layer aluminium barrier pipe sometimes referred to as pex-alu-pex.

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The aluminium core not only reinforces the pipes strength but also guarantees that there will be no oxygen diffusion through the pipework over time. Therefore the instances of pipework “airlocking” have been reduced significantly.

The underfloor pipework will be installed on the ground floor at a maximum of 150mm centres. This means that we will never have more than 150mm space between our pipes. This caters for a comfortable experience in all rooms and brings an increase in responsiveness in the colder weather.

We test all our pipework when installed to at least 5 bar pressure. This pressure is over two and a half times the normal pressure that will be in the system when operational and testing to this pressure results in the customer being reassured that there is no chance of the pipework failing in the future.



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Our manifoilds are nickel-plated brass manifolds. These manifiold come complete with:

  • Flow meters: to balance the system out when operational which means that rooms will all heat at the same rate
  • Regulating valves: these ensure that each port on the manifold can be isolated individually which helps in commissioning the system
  • Isolation valves: these help isolate the entire manifold to help in commissioning and also if the manifold e.g. needed to be extended.
  • Temperature gauges: these will show the temperatures on both the flow and return pipework
  • Air vents: these are used to vent any air from the system at commissioning stage and when the system is being serviced if required.
  • Drain Valves: This is used to fill the system and drain the system if required



We use the Heatmiser control system which is a leading force in heating system controls for a number of years. The room stats are a digital display stat with a simple dial control that is very user friendly for changing the required temperature. This dial is also lockable to prevent it being adjusted.  Advanced controls and network enabled controls are available upon request.