Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation recovers the heat within a building and uses this heat to pre-heat the fresh air that is supplied into the building.
This is done via a unit that is generally installed in the attic space of the building. The extract points in the building are located wherever heat and moisture are produced e.g. Kitchen, Bathroom, Utility room etc. The pre-warmed freshair is filtered in the unit to remove any large dust particles. This air is then circulated in all living rooms e.g. Bed rooms, Sitting rooms etc.
The ducting system is installed using rigid plastic ductwork. This ductwork is designed to reduce turbulane and therefore noise. Our installation involves the ducting being triple fastened to minimise air leakage and thus maximising efficiency of the system as a whole. Outside of the installation the system is commissioned by using an air flow hood which means we can precisiley callobrate the extract and supply points to provide the exact amount of air for that particular room.
The average cost of running this system for a domestic dwelling would be €50 per year.
A Heat Recovery Ventilation installation means that there is no need for passive air vents in a wall*, trickle vents in a window and toilet extract fans. It also means that there is no need to open windows to “freshen” up a room as the system means the air will be as fresh as it is outside.

*a permenant vent will still be required in a wall where there is an open fire or a front vented stove.