Solar facts and figures

The sun provides more than 10,000 times the energy in fuel used by the entire human race.

Almost all energy ultimately comes from the sun. Coal, Oil, Gas and Peat are all fossil fuels. These are the remains of plants which captured energy over millions of years from the sun.

A 40m2 roof area has the potential to gather the same amount of energy from the sun, annually, as 3500 litres of oil.


Solar Systems

A Keltic Renewable Solar System can provide up to 70% of your hot water needs annually.

An average solar system will provide 2000kWhr of energy per year. A huge saving is also possible by the changing of the cylinder to a factory insulated cylinder.

We deal with Irish and European manufacturers so we can provide the right system that suits your requirements.

To optimise a solar systems efficiency there are a few key determining factors which can have a bearing on the solar systems output.

  • Solar system is sized correctly to satisfy the needs of the average load on the hot water system
  • Solar collectors will be facing south. South is the optimum orientation for a solar system.  If the orientation is south east or south west it is still viable but the output loss would be approximately 5%.  An East/West installation is possible and viable but will require a few extra components.
  • Solar Collectors will be installed at an angle of between 35 – 45°. This is to try and gather as much of the suns energy as possible over the year. A solar collector will absorb more energy at a smaller angle in the summer and a larger angle in the winter. This is due to the variation in the suns angle in the sky through the different seasons.
  •  Surrounding buildings or trees will not affect the system by way of shading.

Solar For Heating

Solar systems will obviously provide more energy and higher temperatures in the summer months in Ireland. However from mid-autumn to mid-spring the energy available would be only 10-15% of that during the high summer. Therefore sizing a solar system to have any reasonable impact on a heating system over the heating season would not be financially viable for most house types in Ireland.

Keltic Renewables will be happy to assess your property for suitability of a solar system.